You can tell a lot just by looking at the piece of wood furniture in your living room or kitchen. If it’s too flimsy, it’s made from chipboard and if it’s too heavy, then it’s made from particle board. A good indication of good quality solid wood furniture is dovetail joint construction. When two pieces of wood are joined together with a dovetail joint, there’s more than one piece that sticks up through the other piece and extends the joint

Solid Wooden Furniture: Selecting a Wood for your house – Homes By David  Burns

A good indicator of durability wood furniture is scratch resistance. Scratches are what make wood furniture dull and worn over time. If the scratches are minor, you won’t see them and if they’re severe, you’ll only notice them on a few items. However, if you have solid wood furniture, then you’ll eventually hit a plateau with the number of scratches your item has. The wood will slow down and it will get dull. It doesn’t matter how many times you wipe away the scratch – you’ll still end up with dull spots on your item.

Lastly, wood furniture should be well finished and protected with a finish that protects the wood but also adds character to the furniture. Finishing furniture helps to protect the wood from stains. It also helps to give your item of furniture personality and a unique look, making it more individual than manufacturing or plastic furniture would be.

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