Miami has the best sand bars for swimming, snorkeling, relaxing when vacationing. If you are visiting the West Coast of the United States, everyone knows, you do not get in the water because it is too cold. The water is cold because it flows down from Alaska and is freezing when it reaches California. In Miami the water flows up from the equator and is warm typically between 80 to 92 degrees year round. In the summers and fall the water temperature is warm like bath water. This is what makes the sandbars so special.

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Swimming at the sand bars is truly relaxing in Miami. The water is clear and warm. You can see your toes because the clean water flows in from the Atlantic Ocean. They can be shallow, depending on the tide. Most water is waist deep during average tide and is wonderful to go for a safe refreshing swim. You can hunt for sea shells under water while snorkeling. And if you charter a yacht in Miami your mate will bring you drinks to the sand bar. You can relax and get away from your normal life to a life in paradise swimming and floating at a sand bar yacht rental miami.

Getting to the sand bar is the key by dinghy or jet-ski. I recommend chartering a yacht which comes with a jet-ski or dinghy. These larger yachts can anchor near the sand bar and take you over by jet-ski or dinghy or you can swim. This is the only way to get to the sand bar. Make sure your yacht includes fuel and captain with mate. The sand bar experience is truly therapeutic and great for your family or small corporate group.  The yacht charter allows twelve passengers on a bare boat charter where you can pick your available crew from a list. Ask the mate to tender you over to the sand bar from the yacht.

There are two major sand bars to choose from in Miami I recommend. Haulover Park has a nice sandbar and fun for small boats. Key Biscayne has the best sand bar because it is large, almost two football fields in size and at low tide even rises out of the water. You will spend hours at the sand bar with the mate serving you beverages while you enjoy your family and friends. I recommend at least a 6 hour charter or more to enjoy this day at the sand bars.

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