Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex While in Recovery from Sex Addiction, written by Psychologist, Alexandra Katehakis, gives readers a peek into the minds of those recovering from sexual addiction. For example, we learn that recovery doesn’t mean that all sex must end – rather, that sex-addicts can indeed have active and healthy lives – that include sex.

Erotic Intelligence provides a practical guide for those people (and their partners) recovering from sexual addiction. They’ll learn how to get back on a safe and healthy path that will lead to self-fulfillment and trust while coming to terms with their sexuality issues.

Katehakis offers information about “the four cornerstones of intimacy” that are vital in order for sex-addicts to recover in a healthy manner while releasing the pain of the stories behind the sexual addition literotica. The four cornerstones are:

• Self-Knowledge – A crucial cornerstone for building recovery from sexual addition. The sex-addict must be comfortable with who he is at the end stages of recovery.
• Comfort and Connection – Normalcy is extremely important in the recovery of a sex-addict. Comforting his own anxieties and being able to connect with a partner without reacting to negative feelings is essential.
• Responsibility and Discernment – Assertiveness and taking responsibility for their own actions are positive steps in sexual-addiction recovery.
• Empathy with Emotion – Sex-addicts often have problems in dealing with others’ emotions and empathizing with others’ feelings. Developing these aptitudes help enormously in the recovery efforts.

Without the knowledge of these four cornerstones of intimacy, true intimacy can never be fulfilled for sex-addicts and their partners. Erotic Intelligence erases any doubts from the sex-addict’s mind that he or she can build a life on these cornerstones — finally reach a place where relationships are possible through authentic relating and conscious loving.

Honesty, intimacy and spirituality are part of the plan that Alexandra Katehakis presents in her book, Erotic Intelligence. Her informed understanding of the challenges that sex-addicts face in their recoveries makes the book a powerful guide that is sure to give hope for the future to those recovering from sexual addiction.

Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex While in Recovery from Sex Addiction, by Alexandra Katehakis allows the recovering sex-addict to continually explore relationships and love in a realistic manner that will bring about an understanding of the reality of love – and what it really means.

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