We are not in Kansas anymore! That is one of the most frequently quoted lines from a movie. That line is uttered when Dorothy arrives in a land full of color after being swept away from the dreary black and white landscape in Kansas. And while your wardrobe may not be so dreary that it inspires the song “Over the Rainbow,” wouldn’t it be nice to add some eye-popping color combinations to your wardrobe? So let’s journey into a new land filled with color. You can leave your ruby red slippers and dog Toto behind.

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There are so many eye-popping, soul-stirring, mouth-watering color combinations to choose from, but here are a few ideas that you can put together depending on what you’re working with in your closet.

Khaki green and gold: There is a reason why the military has so many shiny medals, bars, and stars on their uniforms. It looks fierce as hell Togel Hongkong . For work, you can wear a khaki green pencil skirt, a shimmery gold top, and gold high heels. Or for a night on the town, wear a khaki green jumpsuit with gold bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

This next color combination is very sleek and inspired by modern art. It is white, black, and bright blue. That bright royal blue makes this outfit a work of art even if you are just going to the gym for a workout. Think of wearing black and white print capri yoga pants with a royal blue yoga tank top. All eyes will be on you in the yoga class, and it won’t be because you can do a perfect headstand.

It is so rich and luscious, people will just want to eat you up in this color combo. It is a rich, dark burgundy with a light pink blush color. Imagine a pair of wide-leg burgundy pants with a light blush spaghetti strap tank top. It is so mouthwatering, it will make people think of homemade strawberry ice cream. The light pink blush is like the ice cream color, and the burgundy is like the deep red strawberries.

The next color combination is a little bright, but that’s alright (yes, that was meant to rhyme). It is orange and yellow. Only the boldest and the baddest can pull this off (oh yeah, and birthday clowns). However, imagine this: You have a huge presentation at work. You walk into the conference room with your laptop. You are wearing a yellow sheath dress with an orange cardigan over it, and the cardigan is belted around the waist. All eyes will be on you in that conference room, and you will look like the presenter/leader. For summer nights out, consider wearing orange shorts with a yellow top.

Many people try to imitate others under the impression of getting identity and recognition. Actually, they stand to lose themselves. It’s a crazy world of competition and contradictions. Generally, people imbibe bad qualities faster than the good ones because, the former is attractive and easy. The human mind tends to tilt towards physical comforts rather than the spiritual satisfaction. The harmful effects of such anomalous behavior in their lives are ignored as the temporal pleasure is preferred.

Many of us try to copy others. If the neighbor gets the latest smart TV, we scramble to get the same into our home also. When the kids of our friend study in a good college, we make all efforts to see our children also get admission in the same place. If the friend buys some new jewelry, we yearn to do the identical thing. When the office colleague acquires a new cell phone, we feel our phone, albeit bought recently, is inferior and not stylish, and end up purchasing that phone. This not only applies to the individuals. Even nations need to understand and behave judiciously. A poor nation should not spend its scarce resources in developing nuclear weaponry in order to imitate the neighbor, but must choose to maintain good and cordial relations with the latter. An Ass can never become a Tiger by covering its body with the skin of the latter. A sparrow can fly taller and higher, but no one calls it as a Hawk for that matter.

Donning the role of others is always fraught with risks, wasteful expenditure and loss of originality. Why don’t we understand the needs that are appropriate to us? Why don’t we realize what is our potential and make a life out of it? Each person has a distinct and inherent skill. The one who identifies and develops that innate ability is bound to shine in life. This is the secret and common attribute of all successful personalities. A poor boy brought up by his widow-mother could become a darling of the masses through his sheer hard work and originality in approach, and later served as Chief Minister of Tamilnadu state, India. Another boy without any formal education and working as a tea-server in a tiny shop made to the top post of Prime Minister of India.

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