Equipped with impressive technical specifications and top-notch features, the new Vivo V21 5G can be considered as a perfect choice which is accessible at an affordable starting price of Rs 16,090. The powerful multimedia processor and octa-core processor that are enclosed within the phone offer users numerous features of a digital camera including image stabilization, facial recognition, slow motion recording, video panning and zooming and much more. Coupled with advanced connectivity features like 4G networking, the handset comes with various connectivity options such as microSD, MMS, USB, Bluetooth and many other services Vivo V21 5G .

However, if you are looking for a camera that can cater to your requirements, then the Vivo V21 5G can be ideal. The powerful chipset coupled with high resolution camera lens ensures that the images shot by the smartphone are sharp and clear Vivo V21 5G . Moreover, the total connectivity options offered by the handset are quite commendable. The connectivity is further augmented when you connect the data cable to the SIM card. The complete picture quality and performance of the handset is undoubtedly commendable.

The rear camera of the device is worth applauding. It has a 12 megapixel resolution which makes it one of the best performing handsets when it comes to snapping photos in bright lights. In addition to this, the compact body and the octa-core processor also help the device achieve a stunning performance. The OVI v 21 5g comes along with two cameras namely the primary cam which is fixed and enables you to take quality selfies; the secondary camera that can be used to capture videos; and the front cam which can be used to record videos, still photos or both.

However, when it comes to the rear camera setup, things are not as rosy as they seem. The fact is that the lack of optical zoom in the vivo v 21 5g makes it a bit hard to edit images taken with the rear camera. However, the lack of optical zoom should not put you off. There are numerous options available in the market for improving the clarity of the photos that you shoot. You can go in for optical zoom, laser zoom or pixel zoom. In any case, you will be compromising on the resolution of the primary camera but at least you will be able to edit the photos.

Despite the few flaws mentioned above, the Vivo V21 5G offers an experience that combines a smartphone with a high-end camera. It does not matter whether you want to share photos of your pet, your vacation or your children, the funtouch faux leather keyboard of the vivo v 21 5g with its neat, curved keys will make it easy to avail all your needs. The large, touch sensitive keys are responsive to each touch and provide you with great comfort. Apart from that, the headphone jack and the oneplus nord 2 sensor are two other attractive features that make this handset stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The battery life of the vivo v 21 5g is yet another highlight of this smartphone. With a normal user having been able to make it last to do work for more than a week, it is not surprising that the phone also lasts for several hours after a single charge. There is also no surprise when the device lasts up to ten hours after a charge while the benchmarks indicate that this is possible due to the combination of the large 3000mah battery and the efficient speaker drive. All in all, the phone offers a lot of promise for those who want to combine their smartphone experience with a high-end camera.

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