The common worms that are likely to infest your dog are tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, heartworms and whipworms. The simplest way to confirm presence of worms is by observing the feces. Roundworms are easiest to spot since these worms can be seen in the feces, in whole. For tapeworms, their segments stick to the dog’s tail or anus and can easily be spotted from there. Whip worms and hookworms are very small hence they are not noticeable in feces with naked eyes .

At times, worms in dogs are not excreted in stool. Hence dog owners should be aware of the types of worms likely to infest the pets and symptoms. When you know the symptoms, it will be easy to detect the presence of worms whether they are noticeable in the stool or not. Any worms in dogs are detrimental to their health. The common symptoms include diarrhea, appetite loss, inactivity and vomiting. However, there are some typical symptoms that are associated with certain type of worms.

Dogs that are seriously infested with roundworms exhibit poor starting coats and have potbellies. When the larvae of round worms appear in lungs, they are likely to cause bronchitis. Being blood suckers, roundworms can severely drain and take up energy from anything that the dog eats. If the presence of these worms is severe, it leads to reduced vitality and anemia. In puppies, the infestation of roundworms can lead to death for the young dogs because their systems for blood replacement are not developed fully. When dogs are infested with dog tapeworms, they produce a certain typical behavior. The dog drags its rear end on the ground as if trying to relieve some irritation. Whipworms do not produce visible behavior or discomfort. A foul tar-like diarrhea is a sign that the dog may have whipworms. Dogs in cold climates are less likely to be infested with heartworms. These worms are found in the heart and adjoining vessels. The symptoms are same as those of a heart disease like being unable to tolerate exercises and abdominal fluid retention.

Tape worms and roundworms, in sheer numbers, they can block the intestinal passages while hookworms will deny the host the benefits of having a healthy diet. The best part is that majority of worms in dogs can easily be cured through a simple de-worming course. As a keen observer, it is easy to detect the infestation early.

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