Fact: the way to get ahead in the business world is to get an MBA. Those three simple letters “MBA” stand for power, immediate impact, and big-time salaries. In fact, according to the U.S. News & World Report, an MBA from an accredited institution will fetch a starting salary right around the six-figures mark. The most prestigious business schools such as Harvard, Columbia, or Stanford easily usher graduates into 130k jobs after graduation MBA .

As you consider the prospect of an MBA, has it ever occurred to you to get a Christian MBA? You may not have known that there is such a thing as a Christian MBA, but Christian schools around the country are realizing the value of a Christian worldview in business education. Christian businesspeople are eagerly signing up for these programs. Here’s why.

Bible Business Savvy
Learning from management experts and business gurus is an important part of the MBA. An important part of the Christian MBA is listening to Jesus. The principles from the Bible aren’t just relevant for Sunday School and small group Bible Studies. They are immediately relevant for the rough world of business. The Bible teaches about ethics that will help you earn respect, regardless of the situation. The Bible teaches honesty, open communication, respect, honor, obedience, and a flawless work ethic – all of these are undeniable principles in the world of business. The Christian MBA does invest you with powerful business training, but adds the indispensable component of a biblical worldview.

Success is More Than Money
As a Christian, you realize that success is more than just earning a lot of money or achieving a management position. Even if you are earning six figures right after graduation, this will not ultimately satisfy you. Your ultimate satisfaction will come from a life lived by integrity and honesty. A Christian MBA not only trains you in the practice of business excellence, but also emphasizes the principles of life excellence. At the end of the program, you have the tools that will earn you financial reward, but you will also be successful in the eyes of God -forever.

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