If you’re a collector of dolls then they obviously mean a great deal to you らぶどーる . Therefore if you want to keep them in the same shape they were in when you first got them there are certain things that you can and should do in order to make sure that your collectible collection doesn’t turn into dust.

The first thing that you have to do when you purchase your doll, whatever it may be, is keep the original packaging that it came in. This helps retain the value of the doll should you decide you someday want to sell it. Make sure you remove all the tape from the hair bows. The tape’s glue will discolor the fabric. Also make sure you get rid of any metal that can rust.

If you’re going to store your doll for a prolonged period of time put a layer of acid free tissue between the doll and her clothing. This will help stop the fabric colors from bleeding into the doll’s body. If your collectible doll has inset eyes make sure you store the doll face down.

If the body of your doll should ever leak sawdust, which is actually quite common in many types of dolls, put a few drops of glue in the hole where the sawdust is coming out of. If the hole is very large cut a round patch out of kid or muslin and glue it over the hole. Make sure, if you’re storing your doll away for a long period of time, that you check it regularly for this problem and any other things that you notice.

If you have one of those dolls that sleeps, meaning the eyes close, clean the eyes with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol diluted one-half by water. Then, lay the doll on its back, hold one of her eyes open and drop enough solution into the eye to completely cover it. Repeat this process with the other eye and then open and close the eyes several times. Then turn the doll face down to allow the solution to drain out. After doing this, stand the doll straight up and take a clean cloth and dry her eyes completely.

Never change the original clothes or hair of your doll or make any changes to the structure whatsoever. For one thing, you don’t know what any changes will do to the structural integrity of the doll and also by doing this you will greatly devalue the doll should you ever want to sell it.

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