Recently even more warnings have been issued about buying painkillers online without a prescription or with a prescription. Many people have resorted to buying painkillers online to save money or because they can get painkillers cheap compared to their local pharmacy. To buy painkillers online comes with its risks a lot of hazards and warnings that go along with it.

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Unfortunately there are many online pharmacies that have been selling opioids and other painkillers without a prescription, for popular pain killers such as Oxycodone Australian shepherd for adoption , hydrocodone, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percocet, codeine, Tramadol and many others.

Recent research by a major university found that there are dozens of websites that sell prescription only painkillers but don’t ask for proof of prescription.

Some of these websites did not even ask for any proof that the buyer had a prescription. Some of these websites asked for a prescription but accepted a faxed-in copy of their prescription or an emailed copy of their prescription which could easily be tampered with, changed or even completely forged.

Some of these painkillers are usually prescribed in combination with other medications and drugs or medications taken by someone who has not seen a doctor and been legally prescribed, can lead to some serious health consequences. Narcotic painkillers and opioids are powerful drugs and have many side effects, risks and adverse reactions. They usually have a totally different response if they are taken with another drug and doctors know what drugs they can be combined with or not. Some combinations can kill you. And combined with alcohol they can be deadly.

Many of these narcotic painkillers can be addictive and it can happen before you know it. You may be innocently taking them for pain and found you are becoming physically dependent on them or have an actual pain killer addiction.

One problem you don’t hear much about is the fact that in many cases you may not know where the drug was manufactured. It could be in China or other countries. Many countries have become experts on duplicating and coming up with imitations and it may include painkiller drugs. So you may not know what you are getting.

Any DOT training that is provided by your company online should assist you with the goal of reaching every supervisor with drug and alcohol training and reaching 100% of your supervisory personnel. No stragglers. Indeed, a web course may be the only way to get it because supervisors can train 24/7 from anywhere and you can e-mail a start link to one or more of them that launches upon receipt with just one click. This capability is essential to accomplishing the goal with a high level of cooperation.

Web technology saves time, money, energy, sweat, and avoids frustration. With a server-based course, meaning the course is on your web site insider your web server, web training, in reasonable suspicion is put on automatic pilot, and instantly, you can do other things with your time.

There are many choices for reasonable suspicion training. If you Google “reasonable suspicion web courses”, several suitable options will be listed. Regardless, to make training effective, reliable, and as fast as possible, consider online training products with these issues in mind:

Off-label drug use has left use with the problem of off-label marketing. Although off label marketing has been deemed illegal by the FDA, that hasn’t stop drug companies from pushing their drugs for uses that haven’t been approved. All it has done is force drug companies to find a more crafty way to solicit their information.

Instead of showing TV commercials advertising the other uses, now they go straight to the source that prescribes their drugs, the doctors. For example, Eli Lilly has recently been accused of marketing its anti-psychotic drug Zyprexa to treat dementia. An exert from an article in Medical New Today; “It has been reported that a US lawyer handling the lawsuits of mentally ill patients is in receipt of internal marketing documents belonging to Eli Lilly that allegedly contain evidence of a longstanding campaign to influence doctors to prescribe Zyprexa for non-approved use, specifically to elderly patients with dementia.”

Drugs do not get tested and do not receive approval for all available uses in order to extend the patent life of a drug. When a patent for exclusive marketing rights for a particular drug run out, the drug company just tests it for another similar use and extends the patent life in order to make more money. The people that get hurt by being prescribed wrongful medication by their doctors who were solicited information for alternative uses by the drug companies are just part of making money.

There are courses available to provide drug and alcohol training to supervisors that do not require you to log-in, pay “per user fees”, and that will help expand your ability to reach supervisors with DOT training in Reasonable Suspicion. This also allows you to train supervisors from your website, avoid subscription fees, (which is helpful for tight budgets). Virtually no third party providers allow you to upload your drug free workplace policies, nor will they allow specific editable changes to the content to meet the unique needs of your work culture.

Ensure your web course will show and allow supervisors to print PDFs of course handouts. Also, choose a program that will allow you to insert your own. A signs and symptoms checklist should be included because supervisors are handicapped without it as they try to construct documentation with limited information.

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